Trees are nature’s largest living organisms and they need to be taken care of each year throughout their lifetime.  Well, you are in luck!  Everything Grass has a tree trimming crew that trims trees all around the DFW area.

Routine maintenance will ensure your tree’s beauty and health for the future.  Our crew will trim the crown of the tree and haul the trimmings away.  By trimming the crown, the lowest hanging branches will be removed.  This will enhance the beauty of the tree and many times will improve the view of your house from the street and even add value to your property.

And if that isn’t enough reason to do it, there are other reasons too.  With the crazy Texas weather conditions of late, keeping your tree trimmed will relieve some of the weight of the lowest hanging branches of the tree which will help it to remain standing during a storm. This will help to enhance safety for all surroundings including your house and cars.

Trimming trees can be a dangerous job and you should definitely leave it to the professionals.  Being on a ladder with a chainsaw is not worth the risk to you personally.  Trimming the crown of trees can be fairly inexpensive if you do it routinely.  It can also be done during the “off” months when you are spending much less for your outdoor services.

Whether you have a large job or just a small one, we are always available to help!  Call us and we can get you on the schedule right away.


“Learn Character from Trees, Values from Roots
and Change from Leaves.”